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An invaluable resource into the intrOduction and multidisciplinary management of eating disorders.

Many of us remember the first time we encountered a person with severe anorexia nervosa. It is often a frightening experience, particularly when a person has brought themselves to the point of death and yet doesn't seem to be aware of the impending danger.

Even more perplexing can be the apparent determination of a patient with anorexia nervosa to actually frustrate attempts to help them. Unfortunately for many doctors, nurses, dietitians and other health professionals, it can become a very negative experience. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Understanding that anorexia nervosa is a disease not a lifestyle choice, and recognising that it is a very serious condition with a mortality rate unless treated correctly is a good starting point. Knowledge of the disease and understanding how it drives people to behave in particular ways starts, can start to explain anorexic behaviours and can act as a rationale to develop treatment regimens and protocols. Getting information and basic understanding can be very challenging.

This website arose from our experiences as clinicians, actively involved in treating eating disorders and in particular anorexia nervosa.  

It led to our book, “The Multidisciplinary Management of Eating Disorders”, but also to an awareness that people learn in different ways and are often looking for things that cannot easily be written down including the practical tips that arise from experience. Most importantly, patients themselves can offer profound insights as they describe their journey through the illness, and what help them recover.

The structure of the site is loosely based around our book, but it isn’t necessary to have read the book, to benefit from the website. We have included a selection of multiple choice questions and explanations, to allow for some self-assessment of progress.

There is one issue of overriding importance. The patient has to be at the centre of everything we do. They deserve high quality care, understanding and knowledgeable well-informed treatment. Recovery is possible and occurs frequently, but starvation can ultimately lead to death. The medical management has to be caring, compassionate and above all safe.

Hopefully this website will act both as a learning tool, but also as an inspiration for clinicians to help a group of often very talented people, find a way out of their disease.

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Anorexias Bytes is an invaluable learning and information resource provided by two of the leading experts in the field of Eating Disorders, Jane Morris & Alastair McKinley

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Multidisciplinary management of eating disorders

The definitive guide to the Multidisciplinary Management of Eating Disorders, written and edited by our site authors, Jane Moris and Alastair McKinlay